Pharmacy Reminders

Pharmacy Reminders

Want to boost your pharmacy revenue?

Sure. It’s pretty straightforward: increase prescription fills, increase refills, and sell more OTC drugs! Simple to answer, but hard to do.

So, how to do that in 1-2-3?

1Help your patients take their medications properly and refill timely. It will make them healthier, and will increase your refill sales.

2Smartly promote other OTC products to them. If done smartly, a good number will convert and buy.

3Enable them to share and recommend you to their family and friends. Grab the right moment and give them a reason to share.

Pharmacy Reminders App Icon

Give your patients Pharmacy Reminders app!

we will brand our app to your pharmacy

  • Pharmacy medication reminders: a true need

    They truly need it!

    According to the WHO, about half of all patients don't take their medications as prescribed. You will do a favor to your customers.

  • Pharmacy medication reminders: a true need

    It's your best context to promote

    You can provide your promotional messages as relevant offers. It's very relevant, and repeating frequently.

  • Pharmacy medication reminders: a true need

    It reminds them to refill their medications

    Patients tend to forget to order refills before their stock runs out. The app will perfectly do the job and save you the time and cost of calling & nagging them to refill.

So what do you get?

You can do it, and more if you wish.


You will get a mobile app with the following features out of the box, branded to your pharmacy:

  • Medication Reminder: fully featured with stunning graphics and usable interface

  • Mobile Fill Request: the patient can upload original prescription paper using mobile camera, and send to pharmacy to prepare the order for pickup for zero waiting time

  • Refill Reminder: reminds and nags patients when their medications are running low

  • Mobile Refill Request: the patient can directly request refills from the app

  • Pharmacy Info: logo, contact info, address, map, … inside the app


You can add these features to engage more, and sell more:

  • Push Notifications: notifying users of facebook posts, news, articles, or other pharmacy related engaging content

  • In-Reminder Promotions: showing pharmacy’s offers and banner promotions occasionally inside the medication reminder screen

  • Pharmacy DB Integration: integrating with pharmacy’s own database of OTC and non-rx products

How much does it cost?

Keep relaxed… it’s affordable.

We will send the price to your business email.