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Medica Reminders is the awards winning mobile health app.

Receiving 6 innovation awards for how Medica app helps patients take their medications on time... All those cannot be wrong!

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Mobile Prescriptions
Mobile Prescriptions.

Need to keep your medical prescriptions with you on the go? Always forget what doctors told you and wished if you could record his voice instructions? Don’t worry, now you can.

Exact Medications
Exact Medications.

With Medica Reminders, it’s never been easier to take the exact medication on the right time. Keeping on your medical regimen just got a lot easier!

Customize Reminders
Customize Reminders.

Customize your medication reminders intuitively and easily and get full control over which medication should be taken on which time(s) and which weekday(s).

Caregiving Made Easy
Easy Caregiving.

Nurses and caregivers ATTENTION here! Being able to manage multiple patients, multiple prescriptions with many medications, you’ll just let medica organize all the hassle for you.

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If you’re a pharmacy owner and interested in increasing your refills, then you need to see Medica Refills